Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to get soft wavy curls- MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!

I'm baaaack! With a new and different blog post. Check out my first youtube video! I've been wanting to make one for a long time, and I finally got the guts to do it. It's my first time editing a video so it's a little choppy, but hopefully I'll get better with time. 

dat awkward ending doe. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

i'm back......with homemade pho!

Yay! I finally found time to put up a new post. Here's how I made homemade pho! Not too shabby for my first time, but definitely needs to be worked on. After all cooking is basically trial and error. Twas still delicious though ^-^ 

2 onions chopped in halves
3 slices of ginger
16 cups water
8-10 chicken wings/legs
1 tbs salt
Cinnamon to taste (optional)
1/4 cup fish sauce
Pho noodles

Optional Garnishes:
Bean Sprouts

1. Bake onions and ginger on a baking sheet at 400 F
2. Bring 16 cups of water to a boil in a stockpot. 
3. Add in cinnamon (optional), salt (adjust to taste), chicken, and cooked onions and ginger. Boil for 1 hour at med-low heat.
4. Remove chicken from pot. Debone, and refrigerate the meat. Put the bones back into the pot.
5. Cook for 2 hours and add in fish sauce and salt (if needed); adjust to taste
6.Prepare noodles according to package right before ready to serve. 
7. Serve and add shredded chicken and optional garnishes.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

how i make my favorite starbucks drink at home

Every time I go to the Starbucks I get my favorite drink: Iced Chai Tea Latte, and in the winter: Chai Tea Latte extra hot with no water. I'm so obsessed with this drink, but others tell me they hate it. I guess it's an acquired taste! 

Anyways, I went to Target a couple of days ago and I found this Tazo Chai Latte maker. I tried it out, and it tastes exactly like Starbucks. It's amazing and ridiculously easy. I'm so glad I discovered this because it'll save me a trip to Starbucks, and save me a few bucks! 

1. Fill your cup halfway with the chai latte

2. Fill the 2nd half of the cup with milk

3. Stir and enjoy!

Mason Jars: Costco (3 pack for $19.99) or individuals at Target 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Favorite Summer Drugstore Lip Products

Yay! A new post, finally. Haha hope you guys enjoy some of my favorite drugstore lip products for the summer! 

First up is the NYX Butter Gloss in Peaches and Cream. Holy guacamole, this stuff is amazing. I heard about this product from Judy (itsjudytime) on Youtube and now I get why she loves it so much! It's literally butter on your lips. The color is perfect, its moisturizing and it doesn't bleed at all! I'm gonna go get more colors at Target soon! Haha

Next up is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp. I don't love this one as much as I thought I would, but it's still a really great lip product. Especially for a drugstore brand. It's very opaque and very matte, but doesn't dry out your lips! 

This is Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Rio Rush. I wore this color on my lips for my graduation and it stayed on perfectly for 5 hours!  One thing I really love about this product is that it's super opaque! Super bright and fun color for the summer.

The last product is Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Miami Fever. I have been looking for the perfect bright orange lip color for the summer and this is definitely it! I think this color would look good on anyone! 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Old scarf=new room decor!

Scarf: American Eagle, Pink Coffee Table: Ikea, White Chair: Ikea, Blue Coconut Candle: Ikea, Ceramic Turtle: Anthropologie,  Bed: Ikea, Bedding: Home Goods

I'm really excited about my new room decor. It's almost been a year since we've moved to this house and I know my room isn't done yet. I still want to add a lot of wall decor and more color on my bedding. As you can see, I still have a ways to go! 
Anyways, today I randomly remembered this scarf I got from American Eagle well over 2 years ago that I never wore. I fell in love with the print but it was always just hanging out in the back of my closet... until today! As I saw it hanging on my scarf holder, I felt really creative and thought, "maybe I should make a pair of shorts", but I was hesitant about it. So as I laid it out on the floor to decide what to do, the answer was literally right in front of me! A "rug"! I put it under my coffee table (first picture) and it looked so cute. The only downside was that the scarf is too thin and kept moving around. So then I thought, "maybe it would look good as a tapestry above my headboard"! I guess for now I'll leave it hanging on my wall, but I have a feeling I'm gonna end up making a pair of shorts with it, when I'm feeling brave enough haha. But this scarf seriously adds a little somethin somethin to my room and I really like the way it looks :) yay!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Homemade Strawberry Basil Soda

This homemade strawberry basil soda was so tasty! I made this for our 4th of July BBQ and it was a perfect refreshment to go along with our burgers. Its not too sweet, very light and fresh, minty, and extremely refreshing. So if you're a huge strawberry fan like I am, you definitely need to try this out!

4th of July

My awesome sister making pretzel flags with one hand! Her other hand is in a cast, but nothing stops this girl.

My favorite dish of the night

Wow what a crazy yet awesome 4th of July Weekend! 
I volunteered to make the appetizers and side dishes this year and it turned out to be a lot of fun! I got to experiment and try out recipes I've been meaning to make for a while now. Food was delicious, fireworks were pretty, the fam was all there and it was just an overall great night! I think this is becoming one of my favorite holidays :)